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Statistical Analysis vs Ignorance on Population Growth

Refreshingly positive, clear thinking and statistical analysis about world population growth from Professor Hans Rosling:

Hans Rosling: How much do you know about the world?  Almost unnoticed, we have actually begun to conquer the problems of rapid population growth and extreme poverty.

Across the world, even in countries like Bangladesh, families of just two children are now the norm – meaning that within a few generations, the population explosion will be over. A smaller proportion of people now live in extreme poverty than ever before in human history and the United Nations has set a target of eradicating it altogether within a few decades. In this as-live studio event, Rosling presents a statistical tour-de-force, including his ‘ignorance survey’, which demonstrates how British university graduates would be outperformed by chimpanzees in a test of knowledge about developing countries.

How much do you know about the world? Take the Ignorance Test yourself!

Smarter than British students?

How much do you know about the world? Take the Ignorance Test yourself!

When pollsters got 1,000 British people to take Hans Rosling’s “ignorance survey” in May this year, the results suggested they knew “less about the world than chimpanzees”, he says.

Take a version of the test in this quiz and compare your results with the British respondents’.

Many people don’t know about the enormous progress most countries have made in recent decades – or maybe the media hasn’t told them. But with the following five facts everyone can upgrade their world view.

  1. Fast population growth is coming to an end.
  2. The “developed” and “developing” worlds have gone.
  3. People are much healthier.
  4. Girls are getting better education.
  5. The end of extreme poverty is in sight.

The Gapminder Foundation started as a spin-off from Professor Hans Rosling’s teaching at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. He encountered broad ignorance about the rapid health improvement in Asia. He started measuring the ignorance among students and professors and the surprising results from the so called “Chimpanzee Test” were presented in his first TED-talk in 2006.’


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