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European University Tuition Fees for International Students

From University World News:

Plan to impose tuition fees for non-EU students.  Norway’s coalition government is investigating ways of introducing tuition fees for students from outside the European Union and European Economic Area, on the grounds that such fees have already been introduced in Switzerland, Sweden and Denmark…

….. “This is just another example of how international students are seen as cash cows, a notion that has sadly been adopted in many European countries and is especially noticeable in the UK and Ireland, where tuition fees for international students are already at a level that is even higher than the actual costs.”

He said international students were being used to “fill holes in education budgets”. This was a clear indication of mobility “gone wrong”. OECD research had shown that international students benefited national budgets in the long run.”

Even paying high fees (non European Economic Area) international students will be attacked in media as an “immigration” burden etc. by nationalists, nativists and the extremists they influence e.g. Breivik.

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