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Wikileaks Bob Birrell on Indian Student Violence in Melbourne

2010 Wikileaks, featuring Dr. Bob Birrell, (like Bob Carr, who along with Bob Birrell, is linked to John Tanton’s nativist anti immigration and overpopulation network in USA via Paul Ehrlich and Sustainable Population Australia) who has liaised with US diplomats in Australia, with Birrell being described as ‘Australia’s preeminent scholar on population and migration studies’, who then goes on to dismiss claims of ‘white Australian’ racism in Melbourne’s violence against Indian students:

Violence against Indian Students: a Persistent Irritant.  Nerves are still raw in Melbourne over an ongoing series of attacks on Indian students. What was initially a student issue is now causing concern for Melbourne’s better established Indian communities. Recent changes to Australia’s immigration policy have not, however, sparked major protests among the Indian community here. While student violence has evolved into a bilateral irritant between Australia and India and may become an election issue later this year, Australia remains committed to expanding relations with India…..

…The “business of education” is an important component of the Australian economy. The international education sector is Australia’s third largest export, behind only iron ore and coal and is the state of Victoria’s single largest export.

Monash University’s Dr. Bob Birrell (Australia’s preeminent scholar on population and migration studies) told post that he expects the February 8 immigration policy changes will lead to a significant reduction in the number of vocational facilities in Victoria with a commensurate decline in revenues in both the state and federal economies. Most locals agree, however, that a culling of “dodgy” vocational schools — such as commercial cooking schools without kitchens – is long overdue.

Dr. Birrell believes that racism has indeed fueled the student violence issue. A lack of affordable housing has pushed Indian students to farther flung suburbs with high concentrations of immigrants from Lebanon, Somalia and Vietnam. While solid data is hard to come by, Birrell points out that the perpetrators of many of these crimes are not white Australians, but other first or second generation immigrants from these “tougher” countries. Nayar (Indian Consul General) pointed out that earlier attacks had been perpetrated by recently arrived immigrants, but more recent attacks have been carried out by “white Australians.”…..

This communication gives you a good insight into Birrell’s views and communication methods:

  • Describing Birrell as ‘Australia’s preeminent scholar on population and migration studies’!
  • Using the “dodgy” vocational schools stereotype for all related schools to smear both international students and Australia’s international education industry.
  • Without any evidence Birrell states that “white Australians” (who describes Australians like this in Oz? ‘Skip’ is common but ‘white Australian’, sounds like South Africa!) did not commit the crimes but blamed immigrants from other countries, i.e. Lebanon, Somalia and Vietnam.
  • Nayar then contradicts Birrell stating that attacks were carried out by ‘white Australians’.

Familiar narrative if one has ever read John Tanton’s (an admirer of the white Australia policy) The Social Contract Press (Birrell has contributed), which intentionally muddies the water on immigration, race etc… and avoids empirical evidence…. simply ‘dog whistling’.

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