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Wine Consumption International Export Trends

By Jancis Robinson and Valentina Romei

Marcel Sabaté is general manager of a company making particularly good cava, the sparkling wine that is one of the distinctive flavours of Spain. When Castellroig was founded in 1994, he sold every bottle to his fellow Spaniards. But today he ships 70 per cent abroad …..

…. Yet the world is drinking more wine than ever, thanks particularly to enthusiasm in the US, China and Russia. Wine has never been more popular with Americans, particularly the younger generation who are joining wine clubs, taking wine courses and embracing wine tourism and wine bars with zeal. Wine knowledge and opinion is growing ever more fashionable. In China, much of Asia and to a certain extent Russia, wine-drinking, even if accompanied by less connoisseurship, is also seen as novel, modish and a signifier of sophistication and westernisation…….. continues in FT here.


from Wine Australia:

Australian wine exports grow at higher price points -China and Hong Kong driving high end growth.  Australian bottled wine exports continued to grow across higher price points during the year ending September 2013, while the average value of bottled exports was the highest recorded in five years, according to the latest Wine Export Approval Report September 2013, released by Wine Australia today.


Australia Wine and Wine making Picture

Winemaker at Work in Cellar


from Tourism Australia. Throughout the year across Australia you’ll find plenty offood and wine festivals and other fun indulgences.

Australia is renowned for its fine fresh gourmet produce and wines of world-acclaim. Almost every city hosts a major food and wine festival every year. Visit during the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival to taste the flavour of autumn; or the Great Barrier Feast for Australia’s fresh seafood. Dig for truffles in Western Australia or Canberra. Enjoy vineyard concerts in the Margaret River. Toast the New Year with Tasmania’s finest sparkling wine in Hobart or the country’s entire rich harvest during Aussie Wine Month. All year, all throughout Australia’s you’ll find fine food and wine festivals and other fun indulgences. 


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