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Australia Zoo Bindi Irwin on Population Growth

Bindi takes role with group opposed to population growth.  BINDI Irwin has been named the youth ambassador for an organisation that is dedicated to protecting wildlife habitats from human population growth.

Sustainable Population Australia announced yesterday that the Crocodile Hunter’s daughter had accepted its invitation to fill the role.

The 15-year-old – who has inherited her love of wildlife from her mum, Terri Irwin, and late father, Steve – made headlines earlier this year when she stood up to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over the editing of an essay on conservation.

Bindi was asked to write a 1000-word essay for the former first lady’s e-journal and used half of the words to speak of the urgency of addressing human overpopulation.

When the topic was cut from the edited version, Bindi withdrew from the project in protest.

The national president of SPA, Jenny Goldie, said Bindi’s action was something that took “great intelligence, courage and wisdom”.

 “It is hard to imagine anyone better than Bindi to be our youth ambassador,” she said.’


 Oh dear me……  Sustainable Population Australia and Stable Population Party are linked to John Tanton’s anti immigration and over population network including Center for Immigration Studies, FAIR Federation of Americans for Immigration Reform, Numbers USA, The Social Contract Press, Population Matters UK.

I would strongly suggest that Bindi Irwin and anyone with an interest to see Prof Hans Rosling’s presentation about population growth and the Ignorance Test.

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