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International Education Marketing Australia Europe Digital SEO

All international education institutions and related international bodies such as tourism, are aware of digital marketing and SEO, but how does this translate into action, and what are the issues?

Digital marketing and other news:

Many institutions understand need for (reciprocal) backlinks to agents and related sites (and ATDW), yet many won’t claiming not part of their “marketing strategy”. Ideally agents who develop a profile for an institution with clickable link should expect the same in return (if not, no link to institution which then remains less visible).

Suggests ‘silo’ mentality, i.e. for any marketing to be effective, especially digital, institutions must cooperate with external partners, even if they prefer marketing strategy and execution to be solely in house (organisational boundaries are blurred in digital environment).

State (capital) international education and tourism portals limit the effectiveness of their respective portals through not linking to offshore networks of agent websites etc. and vice versa, while still preferring offshore “events” (Tourism Australia portal is exception who also explain benefits of using agent), thus compromising their state, region or city’s profile online (some including a state minister don’t know if they are marketing the destination or just informing students already onshore, via their portals and events?)

Common Issues:

  • Website design and management outsourced but not well SEO for offshore non English speaking students, family, educators etc.
  • Digital marketing strategy is managed by webmasters and IT personnel….. Not integrated with overall marketing strategy managed by senior marketing personnel.
  • Many private providers assume agents market their institution offshore based upon price promotions and face to face office visits, when digital is most important, but not integrated or leveraged for effectiveness.
  • No back links to agent ‘in market’ websites or held by 3rd party service, while agent websites used as free directory for prospective students go direct with neither vetting nor consulting.
  • Using 3rd parties (internal or external) to do Google Ads in English, not targeted and often relevant regional manager and agents are unaware.
  • Social media channels, directing relevant traffic to websites, neither updated nor linked up therefore decreasing value and impact.
  • Job descriptions or duty statements reflecting neither technical skills nor personal attributes required for effective digital marketing strategy.

With new Streamlined Visa Processing rights favouring institutions with diversity in international student body from outside of the subcontinent and China may require new approaches in marketing and communications.

For more information about digital marketing and SEO in Europe, International and Australia visit AIEC Australian & International Education Centre Europe SEO and Digital Marketing.

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