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Work Employment Future in Australia

from the New Daily: Future of work: The top jobs of 2025.  The ageing population and a tech boom will see registered nurses become the most in demand profession in the country in less than two decades, says research.

In 10 years Australia will have jobs we haven’t yet dreamt of, but the people that we’ll need the most will be from an already well-known occupation – nursing.

Based on projections from the Federal Government’s Future Focus report, Australia will have between 5.6 million and 6.4 million job openings in Australia in the years to 2025.

Nurses are already in high demand in Australia, with projections showing it is expected to become the fastest growing occupation by 2050.

With an expanding – and ageing – population, and constantly evolving technology, there are likely to be new careers in technical, professional and managerial areas. This is true of the coming years as well as in the next decade…..

…..Top three growth industries by 2025

1. Health care and social assistance – projected to increase by up to 798,000 jobs

2. Professional, scientific and technical services – projected to increase by up to 583,000 jobs

3. Education and training – projected to increase by up to 503,700 jobs

Top tertiary qualified jobs in 2025

1. Registered nurses
2. Advertising and sales managers
3. Software and applications programmers
4. Accountants
5. CEO and Managing Directors
6. Secondary school teachers
7. Primary school teachers
8. Private tutors and teachers
9. Contract program and project administrators
10. General managers

Top vocational and trade jobs

1. Aged & Disabled Carers
2. Child Carers
3. Electricians
4. Nursing Support & Personal Care Workers
5. Construction Managers
6. Real Estate Sales Agents
7. Welfare Support Workers
8. Metal Fitters & Machinists
9. Plumbers
10. Education Aides

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