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Australian University Facebook Marketing

From The Australian Higher Ed:

‘Unis get fail mark on Facebook. UNIVERSITIES rate below the banking and alcohol industries to be near the bottom of the pile when it comes to generating engagement on their Facebook page

A list of top educational performers compiled by analytics company Social Pulse has ranked the University of New South Wales as the top performer on Facebook in the sector by some distance. But overall the sector has a lot to learn about generating traffic on Facebook.

Out of a list of 26 industries, education came in 24th in terms of the average engagement of punters on Facebook, or the degree to which fans are doing more than just looking, such as commenting on posts…..

..The pages that have better engagement are the ones that publish more content more often,” he said. The poor ranking of the sector highlighted that Facebook was an opportunity not being fully exploited by the sector, he said.’

Does it also reflect job descriptions lacking digital marketing skill set and organisational culture that may preclude adoption of digital and social marketing channels vs conventional promotions, marketing and communication conducted face to face at events?

Likes or activity on Facebook may not be a game breaker for a university, but Facebook advertising is an effective form of branding domestically and internationally.

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