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Big Australia Immigration Population

From The Age, revisiting ‘Big Australia’, why not?

‘Labor Senator Sam Dastyari revisits call for a ‘big Australia’. Labor Senator Sam Dastyari has used his maiden speech in Parliament to broach a subject politicians have avoided since it backfired on Kevin Rudd: the case for a “big Australia”.

Telling the story of his own family migrating from an oppressive Iran to Australia in the 1980s, the 30-year-old Senator said it was time Australians had a mature debate about migration and refugees….

….Alarmism has dominated the public conversation about the size of Australia’s population since Mr Rudd mounted, and then swiftly abandoned, his case for a big Australia in 2010.

At the time, Mr Rudd appointed Tony Burke as Australia’s first population minister, but fears about immigration were fanned effectively by then opposition leader Tony Abbott, and Mr Rudd soon retreated from the debate….

…..Senator Dastyari said politicians found it easy to score short-term victories by exploiting fears about immigrants.

Everyone’s under a lot of pressure … it’s very easy to play on those fears and say to people [that] a short-term increase in the migrant intake is going to be extra traffic, extra congestion.

My argument is if you look at the history of this country, proper, sustained long-term growth in immigration, pursuing a big Australia model, will be the only path we have to pay for an ageing future.”

Asked about Labor’s controversial crackdown on asylum seekers, Senator Dastyari admitted to feeling uncomfortable about the “boat people” debate.

I can’t help but have sympathy,” he said, for the many families like his own who had fled oppressive regimes for a better life in Australia.’

Not just political opportunism but systemic communication of anti immigration sentiment and over population fears through manipulation of net overseas migration and population data, and general statistical ignorance in the community.

This has been helped along by ‘usual suspects’ Dick Smith, Bob Carr, Sustainable Population Australia, Stable Population Party, MP Kelvin Thomson, Dr. Bob Birrell’s Centre for Population and Urban Research CPUR at Monash University, (and their messengers in all media from News Corp through to ABC and SBS….)

The ‘usual suspects’ are linked to John Tanton the racist founder of the over population anti immigration network in the USA.

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