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Australia NBN National Broadband Network Digital Business Skills

From The Australian: “NBN ‘not automatic training windfall’: CSIRO.  THE national broadband network could spark unprecedented training opportunities, with small businesses at risk of being passed by unless they embrace the internet. But a new CSIRO report warns that training providers still have a job spruiking the need to become digitally literate….

…. CSIRO found that while one in five Australians still didn’t use the internet, businesses uptake was trailing personal use. “Currently, barely half of Australian businesses have a web presence,” says the report, released yesterday.

Dr Mason said the potential benefits of the NBN had been heavily promoted in Coffs Harbour, one of the first regions to be connected, with free workshops offered on business applications of social media. “Not one of the businesses we spoke to had attended those workshops, or was planning to attend,” she said.

“One of the first barriers is that people don’t even get that high-speed broadband has something to offer them.” ….

…. “(It’s) making a big difference to time-poor small business owners (who) don’t have time to research what they should be using, how to maintain it and exactly what investment is needed.”

Dr Mason said that unless business owners were adequately trained, the NBN could turn from saviour to spoiler. “While we could see our own businesses accessing new global markets through this new conduit, it’s equally the means by which overseas businesses can compete for our domestic market,” she said.

“Some of our small businesses are going to lose market share from broadband if they don’t keep up with the fact that everyone else is using it more and more, and in many different ways.””


Ignorance, complacency and preconceived ideas, a significant issue is simply neither understanding some slightly abstract concepts in digital world nor encouraged to learn.

As information technology had revolutionised administrative processes through efficiency; digital communication used for client interaction is even more significant, both increasing efficiency and effectiveness through transparency and feedback on any related activity.

Digital world communication and processes whether social media, online systems, SEO or digital marketing, MIS etc. have not only eaten away at organisational hierarchies (plus status and authority),  it also nibbles away at the organisation boundaries which have become less finite.

This requires senior personnel and management being on top these changes so that e.g. job descriptions can reflect new tasks and roles in business and society no longer based on the ‘top down’ physical or tangible, and everybody is empowered with digital literacy and skills.  There are opportunities in the digital playing field for Australian small medium business, regions and bodies needing to access clients at distance both locally and internationally.  

A best practice example could be Tourism Australia, and the ATDW’s digital marketing kit, where digital marketing principles are used by Tourism Australia to utilise networks of travel agents internationally online (Aussie Specialists), state and regional bodies are yet to do……





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