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UK EU Immigration Politics Bulgaria Romania

While British politicians and (most) media are preoccupied by ‘issue’ of immigration and population growth, there is one common strand whether that be in UK, Australia or USA, John Tanton, who is linked with Population Matters UK.


From The Economist:

British immigration You’re welcome An open letter to the citizens of Bulgaria and Romania.

BRITAIN’S newspapers are full of stories about your poverty, criminality and hunger for welfare. Its politicians rail against the European freedom-of-movement rules that will let you in and scramble to make it harder for you to claim benefits. Its population is more hostile than the Germans or the French: almost half of Britons believe their government should ban you from the country even if it is against the law to do so. You might just, as a result, have got the impression that you are not welcome.

But you are. On behalf of The Economist’s home country, we invite you to come and work here. Beginning on January 1st, you can go anywhere in the European Union. We hope lots of you choose Britain. Although our leaders seem to have forgotten, Britain pushed for your country to join the EU, knowing that you would one day turn up on our doorstep….’


From The Guardian:

Bulgaria issues fierce rebuke to David Cameron over migrants.

UK faces isolation, president warns, as prime minister is accused of ‘pandering to nationalists’.

The president of Bulgaria has made a stinging intervention in the UK’s immigration debate, attacking what he calls David Cameron‘s attempts to pander to nationalists – and warning the PM to consider how history will judge him.

In an exclusive interview with the Observer, less than two weeks before the lifting of all restrictions on Bulgarians and Romanians seeking work in the UK, Rosen Plevneliev called for Britain to stay true to its legacy as “a great global power that pioneered integration” and not play on people’s fears. In a direct warning to Cameron, he said: “Isolating Britain and damaging Britain’s reputation is not the right history to write.”…’


Vince Cable warns Tory leaders against stoking anti-immigration panic.

Business secretary tells Andrew Marr the reaction to Ukip threat is creating a dangerous attitude to towards migrants from the EU.

The business secretary, Vince Cable, has accused the Conservatives of creating an anti-immigration panic in a doomed and damaging attempt to ward off the UK Independence party. He said the Tories were stoking an atmosphere similar to that created by Enoch Powell with his “rivers of blood” speech in the 1960s.

Cable confirmed the Liberal Democrats would not be supporting a cap on EU migrants coming to Britain, saying the policy was “not only illegal but impossible to implement”.’


Nick Clegg says attempts to curb EU migration must stop.

Deputy prime minister says proposals for a cap are ‘pointless’ and blocking migration would only hurt the UK economy.

Nick Clegg has pledged to block any fresh attempts to curb immigration from the European Union, insisting “this is where we draw the line”.

The deputy prime minister dismissed Home Office proposals for a 75,000 cap on EU migrants as “pointless” and claimed without freedom of movement the National Health Service would “fall over”….’ 


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