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Study Teaching and Education Degrees in Australia

The Standards and Procedures for the Accreditation of Initial Teacher Education Programs in Australia (Standards and Procedures) outline what an initial teacher education program needs to do to prepare teachers to teach in Australian schools, and to meet the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers at the Graduate career stage.

The Standards and Procedures contain three elements:


  • the graduate teacher standards, which make explicit what graduates of nationally accredited programs should know and be able to do

  • the program standards, which describe key features of high quality initial teacher education programs

  • the accreditation process, which sets out a nationally consistent process for accrediting programs, including establishment and composition of assessment panels, the assessment of programs by these panels, and reporting accreditation decisions. Graduates of programs accredited under the Standards and Procedures will meet the nationally recognised qualifications requirement for registration as teachers.


Qualifications for Different Types of Teachers

 Primary and Secondary Teaching:

Teachers in government primary and secondary schools must have at least four years of tertiary education that includes an approved course of teacher training. Some courses also provide the option of qualifying as both a primary and a secondary teacher.

There are three main pathways to qualify.


  • A four-year undergraduate teacher education degree (e.g. Bachelor of Education).

  • A double-degree program where you study for two degrees at the same time, with one of these being a teacher education course. Most universities offer this option over four years. (e.g. Bachelor of Arts with Bachelor of Teaching).

  • An academic degree, say a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts, followed by a one-year or two-year postgraduate teacher education course.


Early Childhood Teaching:

To qualify to become an early childhood teacher you generally need to complete at least four years of tertiary study, including at least one year of teacher education study.

The most common qualifications are:


  • a four-year undergraduate childhood qualification (e.g. Bachelor of Early Childhood Education)

  • a ‘pathways’ course allowing those with an approved diploma in children’s services to complete a degree in early childhood education.



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