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Big Australia Call for Immigration Population Increase

From The Australian:

Dastyari goes big on increased immigration.  NSW senator Sam Dastyari has urged Labor to support “a big Australia” and welcome a future population of 35 million, rejecting the policies and rhetoric of Julia Gillard’s government.

“A population of 35 million by 2050 should not be feared, it should be embraced,” he told The Australian. “This is not an easy issue for Labor or the Coalition, but we must embrace immigration as a big idea for Australia’s future and win support for it in the community.”

These views are in stark contrast to those of Ms Gillard, who in June 2010 said: “I don’t believe in a big Australia.” Kevin Rudd, who had been replaced as prime minister days earlier, was a supporter of “a big Australia” and was unperturbed by Treasury projecting population growth to 35 million by 2050.

Last year, Ms Gillard promised a crackdown on immigrants working under 457 visas, saying she would defend “Aussie jobs”.

In a sign that Labor is eager to draw a line under the Rudd-Gillard years and chart a new course, the former NSW ALP secretary said a population of 35 million was sustainable.

In an article for The Australian published today, Senator Dastyari says the nation must prepare for a “transformative shift” in the economy to accommodate this growth….

… Senator Dastyari urges a new bipartisan approach to immigration and support for an increase in the annual intake.

 “The path to a big Australia involves a considerable political shift. It means confidently embracing immigration and moving away from the currently accepted notion that the Australian public won’t support or accept an increase in migration levels,” he writes. “As we head into a non-election year, we have a window of opportunity to have a real debate about our immigration numbers.”


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