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Australian Immigration Quality of Life

From British Expats author Chee-Min Ng has lived in Australia for the past 26 years. This and many other articles about Australia appear in his book ‘Going to Australia‘:

St Kilda Beach Melbourne Australia

St. Kilda Beach Port Phillip Bay Melbourne copyright Tourism Australia


Today, more than ever, it is a popular migration destination, and Australia is one of the few countries to have an active supportive immigration policy.

1. High human development.  The UNDP Human Development Index ranks Australia second in the world. The index takes into consideration life expectancy, schooling, income, income and gender inequality and other factors.

2. Good quality of life.  The OECD Your Better Life Index for 2012 profiles countries across eleven measures of human well-being. Australia ranks in total score higher than all the other English speaking countries including Canada, New Zealand, United States and the United Kingdom.

3. Nature’s bounty.  Australia has an abundance of valuable natural resources that has been and will continue to be a pillar of its economy. Its physical size, surrounded by the vast ocean on all sides, and its geographical latitudes endow it with sparkling beaches, climates that vary from the tropical monsoonal North to snowfalls in the mountains of Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania, vast farmlands and vineyards, and natural wonders such as the Great Barrier Reef.

4. Most liveable cities.  Australia’s major cities (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide and Perth) rank among the world’s most liveable cities, with Melbourne and Sydney inevitably in the top three or top ten in surveys and studies.

5. Economic opportunities.  Inclusive access to housing, education, healthcare, employment and business, among others, impacts on an individual’s or a family’s economic prospects. Non-discrimination as to gender, age, colour, creed and sexual orientation is embedded in Australia’s laws and public policies, and is testimony of its advances as a progressive modern society.

6. Society’s care.  Australia’s federal and state governments play a very large role in ensuring that quality healthcare is both accessible and affordable. Its public healthcare system may be fairly described as excellent in its reach and quality. Australia’s “catch-all” social security system is structured to ensure the well-being of families, dependents and retirees.

7. Reliable law enforcement.  Law enforcement by the police and other authorities is competent, impartial and reliable.

8. Democratic governance.  The democratic rule of law prevails firmly in Australia, both in legislation and practice. Judicial independence, civil liberties and freedom of the press are safeguarded by law as well as by public opinion. There is a high degree of transparency and accountability in governance.

9. Embracing multiculturalism.  Ever since dismantling its White Australia immigration policy four decades ago, Australia has embraced multiculturalism in no uncertain terms in immigration policies and migrant intake.


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