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Australia Food Processing Agriculture Work Employment

From Australia Forum:

Export opportunities have opened due to growing global demand for food, according to the Australian Workforce and Productivity Agency.

While total employment across the industry has fallen in recent decades, the value of production has continued to rise as productivity has improved. This growth will need to be sustained if Australia is to take full advantage of the export opportunities opened by the growing global demand for food, according to the Australian Workforce and Productivity Agency (AWPA.)

Employment in Agriculture Food Processing Technology in Australia

NMIT Agriculture Students in Melbourne

The agency points out in its latest food and beverage report that there will be significant demand for products from the emerging middle class in Asia and much of the future growth in this industry depends on successfully selling to new customers in rapidly growing Asian markets.

‘A highly skilled and adaptable workforce will be required to make the most of these opportunities. 

Increasing the skills and adaptability of the food industry workforce, which has relatively low skills compared to the workforce as a whole, will require major changes in the attitudes and practices of the industry,’ the report says.

It points out that to capitalise on export opportunities, the industry must attract highly skilled workers and better develop and utilise the skills of the existing workforce…

…Also, the percentage of migrants working in this industry is below the all industries average. ‘Migration is an important source of both skilled and unskilled workers, particularly in regional areas with seasonal labour requirements,’ it concludes.’


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