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IT ICT Telecommunication Digital Media Employment in Australia

From Australia Forum Skilled technology professionals in demand in Australia for2014.  Jobs confidence is rising in Australia and many businesses expect to be recruiting in the New Year with multiple skills in marketing, data skills and understanding of social media set to be in demand.

IT Computer Science Digital Marketing Engineering Study in Australia

Study IT Computer Science Telecommunications in Australia

‘Towards the end of 2013 we saw business confidence start to rise, which should feed through into the labour market in the first few months of 2014,’ said Nick Deligiannis, managing director of leading recruitment firm Hays in Australia and New Zealand.

‘Australia’s economy is maintaining momentum and consumer confidence is strong heading into 2014. A big area of growth in 2014 will be crossover roles as the technology, marketing and finance worlds integrate it will be key to find people who can move across all sectors, with multilevel knowledge,’ he explained.

‘Also the ability to harness the whole notion of digital marketing and social media will be important, to the point where these channels are not an add-on but become seamlessly incorporated into the main game,’ he added…..

….. Also the increased usage of tablet based applications and the associated user experience is driving demand for strong JavaScript Developers, particularly those with HTML5 and CSS3 skills for web development. ‘Yet so few candidates combine both elements and are therefore able to build complete systems. Given insatiable customer demand for apps and an improved user experience, this skills shortage will become a more pressing concern in 2014. It could even cause general delays and interruptions in the evolution of the mobile app market at a time when it is raring to go,’ Deligiannis pointed out……

….He also explained that the shift towards a knowledge economy and the sheer pace of technological change are creating a need for employees who can learn and respond to both their employer’s and the market’s changing demands.

‘In our global economy the world is becoming borderless and in order to achieve career development people are willing to change countries more readily. With this in mind speaking another language is a hugely important business skill, and it will only become more so in future.  For those looking to move up, these skills and the cultural intelligence they often come with are equally indispensable for today’s global executives and the organisations they lead. The insight to understand people on their own terms and in their own language will be increasingly valued in the years ahead,’ he concluded.’


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