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European Youth Education Training EU Mobility

From the FT, click through headline for full story:

Skills shortage hurts EU’s youth and business, employers say.  A shortage of skills among European youth is holding back the region’s companies, a third of surveyed businesses have said, painting an even grimmer picture of life for both the continent’s industries and its young people, almost a quarter of whom are without jobs.

The job prospects for under-25s in the continent have been badly hit by the financial crisis, which has left more than half of younger people in Europe’s more troubled economies out of work and has meant that, at 23.6 per cent, the region now has one of the highest youth unemployment rates in the world….

“There is still a prestige attached to academic studies that is stopping young people taking vocational training, even though they find jobs in fields like web design attractive,” Ms Mourshed said.’

EU Vocational Skills Education Training

Youth Education Training and Study for Work and Careers.

Youth Education Training and Study for Work and Careers.

Romanians in no rush to move to ‘racist’ UK.  The anti-immigration rhetoric that has dominated British media and political discourse in recent months appears to have made waves in Romania. The small group of first-year law students puffing cigarettes outside the University of Bucharest’s law faculty on Bulevardul Mihail Kogălniceanu swear they will never go to work in the UK.

“Not after all the nasty things the English media and politicians said about us,” says Monica Andreea. “I’d like to stay here but if I ever decide to leave I’d rather go to Germany; their economy is stronger and they are not as racist as in England.”…

….. Many are also likely to take only temporary, or seasonal, jobs in western Europe, say recruitment executives and migration experts…..’

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