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Study Work Travel Live in Melbourne Victoria

Whether you adore the arts or love the great outdoors, Victoria has something for you.  The state is packed with both scenic and cultural attractions – from striking public spaces and state-of-the-art museums to heritage sites and rare wildlife. Travel Work Backpack Visit Live Study in Melbourne Victoria Australia.  Melbourne and Victoria has everything from good food, wine, beaches, mountains, museums, events, music, culture and more.


Study Work Travel and Immigration to Melbourne Victoria

Crown Casino Melbourne


Victoria has a long history of welcoming professionals and tradespeople as skilled migrants. Skill shortages in many industries and sectors in Victoria allow skilled migrants to take advantage of a range of employment opportunities.

Overseas qualified professionals and skilled migrants can profile their skills, qualifications and work experience on the registry. Victorian employers will be able to access the registry and make contact directly with individuals who have registered.

There is a range of pathways to permanent residence for people who want to live and work in Melbourne and regional Victoria including independent visas, student visas for international students to study in Melbourne and Victoria, state and territory nominated visas, family sponsored visas, and employer sponsored visas.

The Victorian Government supports skilled migrants through free state visa nomination. State nomination gives eligible applicants additional points towards the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC)’s General Skilled Migration points test, making it easier to obtain provisional and permanent visas.

Victorian Overseas Skills Registry – a new way to connect with Victorian employers.  Skilled migrants and overseas qualified professionals have a new way to connect with Victorian employers. The Victorian Government’s Overseas Skills Registry is a new online initiative service that connects skilled migrants and overseas qualified professionals with Victorian employers who have vacancies in areas of demand.


From AIEC information about living working and migrating Melbourne Victoria click through.


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