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University Study in Australia Higher Education

There are three main types of higher education which lead to Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Degrees. Higher education courses can be taken to earn an advanced degree and continue your studies in Australia. Additionally, you study English and university preparation, can transfer credits from previous study, be eligible for SVP Streamlined Visa Processing of study visa for most higher education in Australia and the 485 post graduate temporary work visa.


Griffith University Brisbane Gold Coast Queensland Australia


In Australia it is quite common for students to enrol in a double or combined Bachelor Degree program which leads to the award of two Bachelor Degrees. This is most common in the fields of arts, commerce, law and science.

Australian institutions offer a wide range of courses – from science to management and commerce, humanities to engineering, and law to health sciences. Australian institutions rank among the world’s best by discipline, particularly in engineering and technology, medicine, environmental science, and accounting and finance.

There are 43 universities in Australia (40 Australian universities, two international universities, and one private specialty university). Along with our universities, many other institutions offer higher education courses.

You can search for institutions and courses using the Institution and Course Search on the CRICOS register.

Further, there are now private colleges and state TAFE Technical and Further Education instutes offering higher education diplomas, associate degrees and bachelor degrees with small class sizes, practical training and lower fees.


Our quality assurance

Australia has a national regulatory and quality agency for higher education – the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA). It was established by the Australian Government to monitor quality, and regulate university and non-university higher education providers against a set of standards developed by the independent Higher Education Standards Panel.

In addition, the following student rights are protected by law under the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS):

  •  The well being of all international students.
  • The quality of students’ education experience.

  • The provision of up-to-date and accurate information.

Australia’s universities offer a unique educational experience that fosters self-belief, rewards independent thought and fuels inquiring minds. Australia’s universities prepare people for the highly skilled jobs of tomorrow, and to be leaders in developing and adapting new knowledge to revitalise our economy, strengthen our society and tackle the many problems we will face.

A recent year-long project undertaken by the Lisbon Council ranking university systems found Australia to have the best university system in the world, for its ability to meet the challenges of a 21st century knowledge economy.

All Australian higher education institutions are continuously monitored and reviewed by government, and by industry and professional bodies to ensure that the high quality of courses, research, staff, pedagogy and services is maintained at or above international standards.

Australia’s universities together have an enrolment of more than one million students, and employ more than 100,000 staff. University expenditure accounts for 1.6 per cent of GDP, with significant spillover benefits for students, staff, industry, and the wider community.

With 12 Nobel Prizes to date, Australia is also one of the world’s leading research nations on a per capita basis. Although less than half a per cent of the world’s population, Australia accounts for nearly three per cent of the world’s research output. Every day over 1 billion people around the world rely on Australian discoveries to make their lives, and the lives of others, better.


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