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International Education News Australia Russia

Student visa applications rise strongly after tough three years.  A large increase in international student visa applications in Australia has raised the sector’s hopes of moving on from the slump caused by a “perfect storm” of a series of migration rule changes, bad publicity about the nation’s safety, and the strong dollar.  More than 74,000 student visa applications were lodged in the September 2013 quarter, 7.1% higher than the same period in 2012 and the highest for this quarter in the last four years, according to figures published by the Department of Immigration this week.’

How many will actually become enrolled students?  How does this compare with five years ago before draconian and sudden visa and immigration changes?  Is Australian international education looking at annual 10% growth in medium long term to regain market share?  Why are raw visa figures used vs actual enrolment data?


Open Universities Australia OUA moves into online VET.  OPEN Universities Australia is moving into the vocational market by offering a suit of full fee online business and management courses from certificate III up to diploma level.  The move represents a further ramp up in competition in a sector where public TAFEs are already having their market share eaten into by private providers as states move to deregulate their vocational markets.’

Ironic considering that politicians, commissioners, media and influencers have been ignoring vocational in favour of more higher education or university graduates?


The Russian government is ready to fund the study of 100,000 domestic students at the leading foreign universities.   Russian President Vladimir Putin has recently signed a decree aimed at strengthening the human resource capacity of the country. To improve the situation with the lack of specialists in such important for any country professions as engineers, doctors, scientists, and so on, it was decided to stimulate Russian students by sending them to graduate schools abroad. Students who earned bachelor`s degrees in Russian universities may enter the leading universities included in the three world rankings (The Times Higher Education, Shanghai University and Quacquarelli Symonds), and be eligible for financial support from the government.

There is one very important condition, however – after graduation the students must return to Russia and find a job. If the students decide to stay overseas after graduation, they would have to pay back to Russia all the money spent on their education and a fine twice as large as this amount. This measure is meant to avoid unserious candidates or those who do not plan to return to Russia and ensure successful implementation of the decree.’

 Nationalism in education……




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