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Future Careers Professional Employment Trends

From MacroBusiness Australia re. article in The Economist ‘The future of jobs: The onrushing wave’:


The robots are coming for white collar jobs.  Computers and improvements in technology have long been an important part of many industries and have already replaced humans in many jobs (think typists and bank tellers). However, a whole new wave of technological development means that even positions once thought to be safe from computerisation are now under threat.

Across developed economies, low income service jobs have expanded sharply at the expense of middle-income manufacturing and production jobs. At the same time, computers have increased the productivity of higher income workers – including professional managers, engineers and consultants – resulting in a polarised labour force, with rising wage inequality and the “hollowing-out” of the middle class.

To date, the threat from computerisation has been limited more to routine manufacturing jobs, such as production line workers. However, advancements in technology, which is extending robotics beyond simple routine-based tasks to dynamic problem solving, has raised the prospect that higher order jobs might soon be under threat…

…. Many service occupations – from fast food counter attendants to medical transcriptionists – which have been a key driver of jobs growth over past decades, are now in the line of fire.

As for the implications of mass robotics, The Economist believes that it will make society as a whole wealthier, but not without major turmoil….

…If you are young person seeking a career, you would be well advised to begin looking at these new trends and studying The Economist’s article in detail.’


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