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Population Growth Immigration Australia

More misinformation, ambiguity and dog whistling from the anti immigration and population growth lobby’s chief megaphone, advocate and researcher Dr. Bob Birrell of Monash university who like many does not clarify definitions regarding population growth and immigration.  For example  ‘temporary migrants’ are international students, 2nd year backpackers, 457 visa workers, NZ’ers, returning Australians, and dependents.  However, by describing students etc. on temporary visas as ‘migrants’ suggests they are all or will become permanent immigrants, when only a minority will.

Further, comparing growth rates internationally is like comparing apples with oranges due to different definitions of population (Australia uses UN based on net overseas migration of 12/16 months+ which captures temporaries in data), and ignoring fact that any success of traveller or backpacker industry, and international education, can spike population data.

No surprise either that Birrell claims negatively (without empirical evidence) that population impacts infrastructure, health system etc. the same as Sustainable Population Australia, Stable Population Party, MP Kelvin Thomson (with non progressive ‘Progressives for Immigration Reform’ in the USA), Population Matters UK and Migration Watch, who are all connected and informed negatively by the John Tanton network in the USA….

From the ABC Australia:

Australia’s foreign-born population on the rise as record number of people become Australian citizens.  A record number of people took the pledge to become Australian citizens at Australia Day ceremonies over the weekend, as the nation’s foreign-born population continues to rise.  Almost 18,000 people became Australian citizens on Sunday, which has contributed to making more than a quarter of the country’s population foreign-born.

The latest figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show people born in the United Kingdom continue to be the largest group of residents born overseas, accounting for 5.3 per cent of the population, followed by 2.6 per cent born in New Zealand, 1.8 per cent born in China and 1.6 per cent born in India.

Monash University’s population researcher, Dr Bob Birrell, says Australia is an attractive destination for migrants because of its affluence and substantial job opportunities.

“That along with the opening up of our migration program by successive governments has led to a record high influx of both permanent and temporary migrants in recent years,” he said.

As Australia’s total population approaches 23.5 million, demographer Bernard Salt says the country’s population is growing at close to record rates.

“At the current time, it’s largely driven by overseas migration, which is tracking around 230,000 people per year,” Mr Salt said.

Dr Birrell says Australia’s population growth is exceeding those of many other countries around the world.

“We’re growing at about 1.8 per cent a year, which is much faster than the other western countries and indeed most Asian countries,” he said….

…But Dr Birrell says a growing population is not without its challenges.

“Worsening congestion, inability to keep up with infrastructure, education, health and other areas are where the pressure points are at the moment,” he said.

In addition, he says finding a job is becoming more difficult than it was a few years ago and the cost of living is on the rise.’



From NewsCorp Australia:

More than 1000 partner visas cancelled in migrant marriage sham.  FOREIGNERS in fake relationships with Australians have been stripped of their visas as the migration system is swamped with people trying to get residence here through marriage.

More than 1000 partner visas have been cancelled since mid-2010 for reasons including bogus claims, bad character and incorrect information.  Most of the cancellations involved people on permanent or temporary visas who were outside Australia….

….Monash University migration expert Dr Bob Birrell said the partner visa was a popular route for permanent residency because all applicants would succeed provided they could demonstrate they were in a genuine and continuing relationship.

“It’s an as-of-right program, there is no assessment of a person’s skills or English language ability,” he said.

Dr Birrell said the huge backlog of cases was putting enormous pressure on migration officials.’





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