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International Education SEO Digital Marketing

Who moved my rankings? Changes in the SEO market.  Following is summary of article from René de Jong, founder and CEO of Internet Advantage, an online marketing consultancy.

‘Education, especially international education, was one of the first industries to embrace online marketing, doing so at the end of the last century. We discovered the Internet and realised how it was a great way to reach international students. We learned about SEO (search engine optimisation), SEM (search engine marketing), and social media. We began to learn about the factors that influenced search results, and to keep abreast of the subtle changes in search engine algorithms, especially on Google, that could impact our search performance.

But Google’s “subtle changes” haven´t been so subtle in the last two years, and now it seems like everything has changed. Companies and online agencies are flustered, running around complaining and thinking that they have done nothing wrong – just like the mice in the famous modern fable Who Moved My Cheese?

Things are changing, but the first lesson that we need to learn is that change happens. And it happens fast….

… What can we expect from Google in the future?

Google is concentrating on the importance of content and social signals, and the focus on mobile and semantic search. Always keep in mind that Google is a company that operates in the stock market and that they have their own commercial interests, as long as we gear our SEO efforts towards what the user is looking for, then we are safe….

Those involved in marketing should also be aware that digital and SEO analytics can make it obvious when the ‘emperor is wearing no clothes’.

… SEO can increase your site traffic, and more importantly it can drive the right traffic to your site. However, if you don’t know exactly what these people (traffic) are doing on your site, then you won’t be able to work towards improving your conversion rate. Any online marketing project should always be designed in a way that it can be tracked with analytics tools.’


Continue reading article on ICEF Monitor click here.



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