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Accountant Skilled Migration SOL List SkillSelect

From The Australian Higher Ed:

Accountant glut prompts skilled-migrant list rethink.   THERE are too many unemployable accounting graduates and the profession should be struck off Australia’s priority list for skilled migrants, the federal Employment Department says. “Vacancy levels are now at their lowest since the (job index) began in 2006 and there is no sign of an upturn,” the department says in a submission to this year’s review of the skilled occupation list….’

Universities will fight tooth and nail for accounting occupation to remain on the new SOL Skilled Occupation List in 2014 as some have become quite dependent upon the international student fee income from studying accounting degrees.

‘Over the five years to November 2017, the number of job openings for Accountants is expected to be high (greater than 50,000). Job openings can arise from employment growth and people leaving the occupation.

Employment for Accountants to November 2017 is expected to grow strongly. Employment in this very large occupation (169,700 in November 2012) rose slightly in the past five years and in the long-term (ten years).

Accountants have an above average proportion of full-time jobs (82.8 per cent). For Accountants working full-time, average weekly hours are 40.9 (compared to 41.3 for all occupations) and earnings are above average – in the eighth decile. Unemployment for Accountants is below average.’


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