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Brisbane Queensland Tanul angol és munka

Tanulmány Általános IELTS Cambridge felsőfokú angol Brisbane Queensland.   Brisbane Ausztrália harmadik legnagyobb városa, egyben Queensland állam fővárosa és legnépesebb városa. Közel fekszik a Csendes-óceánhoz, a Brisbane-folyó mellett, az állam délkeleti részén.


Testimonial | Peter Csiri


My name is Peter and I am from Hungary.


I am currently studying General English at an Intermediate level. I arrived in Brisbane five months ago and decided on this location because my Brother lives here. I really like this city and the teachers at Lexis Brisbane are very good!

After my course I will return to Hungary. When I go back, I will take with me a lot of useful experience and many wonderful memories. I learnt a lot at Lexis English and have made many good friends here. 



Testimonial | Judit, Vincze


Nice to meet you,

My name is Judit and I come from Hungary. 

I am currently studying IELTS preparation for six months at Lexis Brisbane. I chose Brisbane to study English because my Husband’s family lives here. The teachers at Lexis are very kind and have helped me improve a lot.

I am also working at a nursing home. I really like it because it helps me to use my English and I will be able to use the skills in my future profession. My job was easy to find and although I didn’t go to the Lexis job workshop to find this job, I heard it is a very useful option for students who are looking for work.

When I return to Hungary, I am sure I will have a lot of experience to take back with me. I have met a lot of people from different countries at Lexis English and learnt more about cultures around the world.  It is very important to me to have my English language improve and I would like to stay in Australia a long time.



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