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Australian Employment Work Career Outlook

From The Age:

We’ve jobs enough for the clever, in healthcare and finance.  Where will our children’s jobs come from? It’s something to ponder after the implosion of one of the manufacturing sector’s linchpins.

The first, broad answer is the retreats of Ford, Holden and Toyota don’t mean that Australia cannot create enough jobs.


There were just over 9 million people employed in Australia in November 2000. Employment in the manufacturing sector fell by 140,000 or 13 per cent between then and November last year, but total employment rose by 29 per cent or 2.62 million, to more than 11.6 million.

New South Wales lost 52,900 jobs or 18.5 per cent of its manufacturing workforce over the 13-year period. Victoria was hit even harder. It shed 95,100 jobs, more than 29 per cent of its manufacturing workforce.

.. The two biggest losers since 2000 have been manufacturing and agriculture….. Media and telecommunications, has also been a job destroyer…… The real estate industry has also not been a job creator……

.. If your children want jobs in industries that are growing there are standouts. One is healthcare, a deep employment pool underpinned by baby-boomer demographics that has lifted job numbers by 37 per cent since 2005, and by more than 9 per cent since 2010.

Another is the finance sector, which also has depth with 420,000 jobs, and has grown job numbers by 11.8 per cent since 2005 and by 6.7 per cent since 2010 despite financial crisis aftershocks…. 

….Just like jobs in the manufacturing sector, jobs in the service sector run the gamut of pay and quality. Australia’s education system is, however, delivering results that push employees away from the unskilled bottom of the scale.’

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