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Study Cookery and Work in Australia




Looking for a career and employment in the tourism and hospitality  industry as a cook in Australia?


What does a cook do?


Cooks prepare, season and cook food in dining and catering establishments.  This occupation may include associated occupations with varying tasks.


  • examining foodstuffs to ensure quality

  • regulating temperatures of ovens, grills and other cooking equipment

  • preparing and cooking food

  • seasoning food during cooking

  • portioning food, placing it on plates, and adding gravies, sauces and garnishes

  • storing food in temperature controlled facilities

  • preparing food to meet special dietary requirements

  • may plan menus and estimate food requirements

  • may train other kitchen staff and apprentices.



  • Over the five years to November 2017, the number of job openings for Cooks is expected to be above average (between 25,001 and 50,000). Job openings can arise from employment growth and people leaving the occupation.

  • Employment for Cooks to November 2017 is expected to grow moderately. Employment in this large occupation (39,700 in November 2012) rose slightly in the past five years and in the long-term (ten years).

  • Cooks have a relatively low proportion of full-time jobs (57.6 per cent). For Cooks working full-time, average weekly hours are 40.7 (compared to 41.3 for all occupations) and earnings are low – in the first decile. Unemployment for Cooks is average.

  • Cooks are mainly employed in Accommodation and Food Services, Health Care and Social Assistance and Arts and Recreation Services.







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