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Aged Care Nursing Study and Work in Australia



Health Community Services Employment Information for DoctorsNurses Aged Carers in Australia.


Study nursing and aged care and work in Australia

Nursing and Aged Care in Australia


Working in Australian Medicine and Health Care from Australian Immigration Department:

Detailed information on working in Australia and how to register as a doctor is available on the DoctorConnect website. This includes:


  • information on Australia’s healthcare system

  • how to find a job

  • contact information for medical recruitment agencies

  • details on the process for obtaining full medical registration and specialist recognition in Australia

  • information on programs to assist employers in rural and regional areas

  • contact details for medical boards, professional associations, and government agencies.

The DoctorConnect website has been developed by the Department of Health and Ageing for doctors trained outside Australia and Australian medical employers.

The Job Outlook website is an initiative of the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR).  Content for Job Outlook is managed by the Labour Market Research and Analysis Branch in the Labour Market Strategy Group of DEEWR.  

Information from SkillsOne Australia with videos about study, careers and employment in Aged Care Health Medicine Community Services.

AIEC can assist with information and advice for related Occupational English course, TAFE vocational and higher education for aged care, health, nursing, community services and medical study and work in Australia.

Choose from any of the occupations below for direct links to Job Outlook: 

Carers and Aides Aged and Disabled Carers provide general household assistance, emotional support, care and companionship for aged and disabled persons in their own homes. 

Protective, Defence, Emergency Service Workers

Sports, Travel and Personal Service Workers

Health Diagnostic and Therapy Professionals

Medical Practitioners and Nurses









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