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Anti International Education Politics

An excellent article from Simon Marginson in University World News dispelling the negative myths and misinformation around international students (ironically Dr. Bob Birrell is part owner of University World News):

‘Students are trapped by the politics of anti-migration.  In the United Kingdom and much of Europe we are in an anti-migration phase. International students, who provide half of the migration count, are currently trapped by the politics of anti-migration. This diminishes the value of their experience and their education.

Public concerns and resentments are not directed primarily at international students. The main anxieties are about illegal migration, not legal immigration, and about asylum seekers and refugees.

In the UK, public opinion about migration fluctuates. Migration creates net benefits for economic output and jobs but triggers recurring xenophobia, especially during recessions. Support for migration rises and falls in medium-term waves of several years’ duration.

The present anti-migration phase will pass and greater tolerance of migration will return, but we do not know when. …


Myths about international students

International students constitute a major export sector, the largest component of immigration and a large presence in British cities. But their conditions of life are little understood. The issues and problems they face are scarcely glimpsed.

International students are not ‘us’, they are ‘others’. The UK mostly believes it has nothing to learn from these newcomers and does not want to know. Myths about international students stand in place of fact and reason. …

… If there is a future for humanity it lies with universal rights and the tolerant, cosmopolitan acceptance of difference. Our determination to do right, the courage of our convictions, moving ahead of a government looking backwards to parochial elements, is the only way forward.’

This is an orchestrated phenomenon via ‘white nativist’ lobby or bigots emanating from the USA but impacting the Anglo world and Europe’s immigration, international education and labour markets.

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