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IT Computer Science Employment in Australia

From The Australian Higher Ed:

Firms forced to look abroad to fill IT gap.  BUSINESSES imported from overseas more than twice as many information technology workers as were graduated from Australian universities in the period 2006-12.

Speaking to the National Press Club, Professor Chubb said Australian businesses sponsored 36,000 IT workers on 457 visas between 2006 and 2012, but the country produced only 15,600 domestic IT graduates.

And while the number of science graduates increased, Australian companies still had to import 12,000 scientific and technical professionals on 457 visas between 2008 and 2012.

Given escalating global competition for technological skills, Australia needed to adopt a “talent and skill security” strategy, akin to a food security or energy security strategy.

“We continue to accept that the study choices of students in Year 10 can influence the skills available to our workforce four to six years later,” he said.

“I suggest that we might need a strategic, probably incentive-based, approach to ensure that we get a balance in study choices that might bear some relationship to future workforce needs. Or research and development needs.”

Later speaking to The Australian, he said that broader scientific knowledge was also needed to ensure that debates about key issues weren’t hijacked by lobbyists and hobbyists.

Such issues included emissions-driven climate change, vaccination and genetically modified crops.

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