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Immigrant View of Australia Negative

We’re a weird mob of unfriendly racists: Monash University report.  Australians are seen as nothing like the caring, friendly and hospitable mob so often assumed, with an extensive new survey of recent migrants reporting high levels of ethnic or religious discrimination.


As the Abbott government prepares to strike down part of the racial discrimination law, the Monash University study has found many migrants regularly fear walking alone at night or becoming a victim of crime.

The survey, to be released on Monday, is the latest in a series ”mapping social cohesion” funded by the Scanlon Foundation and the federal government, and the first to allow researchers to compare the experience of recent migrants to the wider Australian population….


…and recently joined the 94 per cent of Chinese-born migrants to Australia with at least a decade of residence who have become citizens.

This compares with 71 per cent of people moving from Britain, North Americans (70 per cent) and New Zealanders (45 per cent). Migration rates have doubled from the 1990s, shifting from an emphasis on family unification to job skills.

Study author Andrew Markus said the findings showed recent migrants had ongoing issues with discrimination. ”Racial discrimination in Australia is not a minor matter. More than 40 per cent of recent arrivals from a number of Asian countries report experience of discrimination over the last 12 months,” Professor Markus said.


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