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Australian Employment Occupations of Future

From The ABC:


838,100 new jobs, but few with blue collars.  Hundreds of thousands of jobs will be added to the Australian economy over the next five years, but that’s of small comfort to workers in the declining mining and manufacturing sectors, writes Greg Jericho.


Last week the Department of Employment released its projections for employment for the next five years. They revealed, lest anyone still be under any doubt, that the first stage of the mining boom is over and our economy continues to shift away from manufacturing….


15 biggest growth sectors 2013-2018:


School EducationMedical ServicesCafes, Restaurants and Takeaway FoodAllied Health Services, Supermarket and Grocery Stores, Tertiary EducationComputer System Design and Related ServicesOther Social Assistance ServicesLegal and Accounting ServicesHospitalsBuilding Completion ServicesChild Care ServicesState Government AdministrationAdult, Community and Other EducationBuilding Installation Services.


…..Eight of the 15 are in the health and education industries, and two of the top five are in retail. The ever-moving shift towards a service-based economy appears unchanged – and perhaps a little speeded up.

By 2018, the Department projects manufacturing will be only our sixth biggest employer. Up till 2001 it was our biggest and only in 2005 did it drop to third biggest.

Consider this: the Department of Employment projects that by 2018 there will be only 22,200 people working in the motor vehicle and parts manufacturing sector. But in the next five years it predicts 23,500 extra jobs in child-care service, 31,100 extra in computer system design and related services, 32,700 extra in the tertiary education sector, 80,000 extra in supermarket retailing and in takeaway and food retailing, and 121,000 extra working in the medical care and hospitals sectors.

By 2018 there will be 21 per cent more people working in the health care industry than in the second biggest industry, retail. There will be 82 per cent more working in the health care industry than in manufacturing.

This all is in line with the picture of our population ageing, with more people needing to take care of the elderly – and also to take care of their medical issues. And while we still will be a nation that makes things, fewer and fewer of us will be doing so each year.’


For more information about future employment, work and career prospects in Australia click through.



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