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Migrate Live and Work in Melbourne Victoria

From The Melbourne Age and Sydney Morning Herald:


Melbourne a magnet for interstate migrants.  Like many a tough life decision, this one involved drawing up a list of pros and cons, with the merits and flaws of Australia’s two biggest cities on the table.

Gwen O’Toole and Megan Luscombe had a personal and professional future to plan and had to decide whether it would unfold in Sydney – Ms O’Toole’s home – or Melbourne, where Ms Luscombe is an eastern suburbs native. In the end it wasn’t a difficult call: Melbourne won hands down and they are now settled and thriving in a Windsor apartment, from which they also run their start-up business.

With recent figures showing Melbourne is now the most popular destination for interstate migrants – most of them from NSW – the couple are reflective of a trend that, on current patterns, would see Melbourne overtake Sydney as the country’s biggest city by mid century….



… According to figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 6900 Australians moved to Victoria in the year to September, more than moved to any other state, with Queensland losing its traditional spot atop the migration ladder. More than half came from NSW.

Denise Carlton, director of demography at the bureau, says: ”This is the highest net interstate migration gain for the state in over 30 years.”

The ABS says Sydney and Melbourne each grew by almost 1.7 million in the past 40 years. But Melbourne’s higher growth rate – 62 per cent versus 54 – reflects stronger recent growth, which will make Melbourne the biggest capital by 2053 if it is maintained.’



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