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Yaz Kampında İngilizce Kursu Budapeşte

Summer English Camp Budapest Hungary and Vienna Austria.


İngilizce Yaz Kampı Budapeşte Macaristan ve Avusturya Viyana tur.


Duna International College Budapest was established in 2010 in association with prominent professors from Hungarian, American, British and Irish state universities. The college prepares students who wish to study at universities in Hungary, UK, USA, Canada and Slovakia, universities.



Tıp Teknik Üniversitesi Hazırlığı Budapest – Üniversite Hazırlık Tıp Eğitimi Avrupa Budapeşte Macaristan – Duna College.


All programs are offered in English.


We are an authorised training and test centre and our diplomas are approved as Level-3 (A Level) of UK qualifications by NCFE. The college is also a member of TRC Colleges.


Students who pass our TRC course can gain automatic admission at one of our partner universities in the UK, Canada and America.


Students will find a welcoming environment at Duna college in which they can learn in a colourful and international setting.


Duna College is an authorized TOEIC test center too.


Budapest Hungary and Vienna Austria are beautiful, safe and economic cities to visit for tourism and culture, and close to Turkey.


Budapeşte Macaristan ve Avusturya Viyana güzel, güvenli ve ekonomik turizm ve kültür ziyaret için şehirler ve Türkiye’ye yakındır.



Summer School in Budapest at Duna College – İngilizce Yaz Kampı Budapeşte :


  • Budapest is international with many native and proficiency level speakers of English;
  • 3 weeks in June/July for students aged 14-18;
  • 4 hours of training/day;
  • Full board accommodation including breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 dinners at well-known restaurants in Budapest;
  • 14-day Budapest public transportation pass;
  • Sightseeing and museum visits in Budapest (Parliament, Museum of Fine Arts, Hungarian National Museum, etc.);
  • 3 day trip to Vienna (3 days/2nights, including accommodation, breakfast and dinner, travelling expenses, sight-seeing);
  • Visiting universities in Hungary and Vienna;
  • Accommodation in twin room € 3,150/group room € 2,950.



For more information about English Summer Camp and Study in Budapest Hungary contact Andrew Smith AIEC Australian International Education Centre Budapest.


Daha fazla bilgi için Üniversite Hazırlık Mühendislik, Yönetim, Bilgi Teknolojisi, Sağlık ve Tıp  Eğitimi Avrupa Budapeşte Macaristan hakkında a tıklam AIEC Avustralya Uluslararası Eğitim Merkezi Budapeşte.



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