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Population Growth Immigration in Australian Media

Recent articles or negative propaganda about population and immigration in Australia from both Alan Kohler at the Business Spectator and MacroBusiness using ‘research’ from Monash University’s Centre for Population and Urban Research, unfortunately neither seem to understand definitions nor data:


Immigration no cure for population ageing. In the wake of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand’s and New Zealand Treasury’s recent report arguing against high immigration as it lowers living standards by reducing productivity, a new report has been released by Dr Katherine Betts from the Monash University Centre for Population and Urban Research, which claims that high immigration is an inappropriate policy response for population ageing, and can instead drain the nation’s productivity by crowding-out productive investment and capital deepening…


Kohler: Soaring population killing budgets. Alan Kohler continues his recent conversion to skeptic of Australia’s population ponzi, arguing today in The Australian that government budgets are failing to keep up with population growth, which is placing pressure, in particular, on the nation’s infrastructure and requiring increased investment:

…Australia’s population grew by nearly 8000 people per week last year and more than half of them landed in Melbourne and Sydney…..

…..That said, infrastructure investment required merely to support Australia’s population ponzi can be problematic, in that it can drain the nation’s productivity by crowding-out productive investment and capital deepening. As explained recently by Dr Katherine Betts from the Monash University Centre for Population and Urban Research…..’


Has been a big surge in (mostly European) working holiday visa makers staying 12+ months…. like international students they are temporaries included via the NOM introduced in 2006 (?) which has inflated population.

Describing them as ‘immigrants’ suggesting they are permanent is purposely alarmist and disingenuous.  Best description is ‘churnover’ where they have no voting rights, nor access to social security, yet paying taxes and/or high fees to study in Australia which leads to less per capita state debt amongst the permanent population…..

Betts has of course has contributed to Tanton’s The Social Contract Press (TSCP) which:

‘…routinely publishes race-baiting articles penned by white nationalists. The press is a program of U.S. Inc, the foundation created by John Tanton, the racist founder and principal ideologue of the modern nativist movement. TSCP puts an academic veneer of legitimacy over what are essentially racist arguments about the inferiority of today’s immigrants.’

and she did the prized interview with Jean Raspail, author of ‘Camp of Saints’, from The Guardian:

Far right or far wrong?  Illegal immigrants swamping Europe, turning churches into mosques – it’s the perfect plot for a neo-nazi bestseller…. But, on the shelf with the Wehrmacht memorabilia, Did Six Million Die? and the collected works of David Irving, you may find the odd example of light reading……. The book currently generating the most chatter is Jean Raspail’s Camp of Saints. First published in 1973, in France, no British publisher (a gutless crew) has been brave enough to take it on. In America, publication was sponsored, in 1985, by the ultra-right (ultra-wrong), anti-immigration Laurel Foundation, under whose aegis it now sells like hot cakes.’


For information and resources about population growth, immigration and development issues click through.

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