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Skilled Jobs Growth in Australia 2014

From Clarius Group on recruitment and employment outlook in Australia:


Future skilled jobs growth sectors identified for 2014-2015.  A number of key industries have been tagged for skilled jobs growth in the next 12 months however the labour market will continue to be flat until late 2014, the Clarius Skills Indicator reported today. 

The Clarius Skills Indicator shows the lower Aussie dollar should aid business activity in trade-exposed sectors outside the mining industry including agriculturemanufacturingtourism and education. It also identifies housing and infrastructure construction as ripe for job growth.

The recognition of these opportunities has emerged alongside the latest employment trends which show the surplus of job seekers in Australia has grown to 167,000. This should peak at 198,000 in the September quarter before the situation reverses.

Kym Quick, CEO of the Clarius Group of recruitment companies, said employers are carefully reassessing their business plans and hiring strategies and opting for a contracted labour force over permanent staff. 

“Executives are asking recruiters to identify good talent in readiness for growth but they’re watching their cost base closely and opting for a flexible workforce that can quickly be turned on or off,” she said. 

“The Australian dollar depreciated from around US$1.10 in the middle of 2011 to around US$0.93 in April 2014 and the flow on effect should be strong labour demand in sectors such as manufacturing and tourism that have suffered in recent years.

“The effect of the lower dollar should be boosted by the trade agreements with Korea and Japan.”

Major findings of the Clarius Indicator across the professions:


  • Managers in sales and marketing are the winners with a shortage of 500 skilled people, specifically with digital skills, as business transitions to web based retail;
  • With the transition of mining – from investment to exports – the oversupply of engineers grew from a surplus of 3,700 people in December quarter 2013  to 4,100 in March quarter 2014;  
  • Fortunes fluctuate for ICT professionals. In the March quarter, the surplus grew to 1,800 up from a December quarter 2013 surplus of 1,200 and a September quarter 2013 surplus of 1,500 surplus. Clarius reports an uptick in demand for project managers signalling works are commencing;
  • A June quarter 2013 surplus of 800 accountants, auditors and company secretaries doubled to 1,600 in the March quarter of 2014….’


For more information about employment and career prospects for various vocations, occupations and professions in Australia click through.

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