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Study in Europe Australian Students

From the ABC on increased fees for local students and potential to study abroad for lower fees:


Universities Australia modelling warns of fee increase under proposed higher education reforms.  University students will be forced to pay an average of double the existing fee to study at universities under the Abbott Government’s proposed reforms to higher education, according to new modelling provided by Universities Australia (UA).

Belinda Robinson, the chief executive of UA – which represents the country’s 39 universities – warns that measures in the budget threaten to encourage students to study overseas.

We might start to see Australian students voting with their feet and in fact starting to consider international higher education providers,” she told Lateline.



The UA modelling has shown that an engineering graduate working full time can “reasonably expect” to accumulate a debt of up to $119,000, which could take 26 years to pay off.

Under existing arrangements, that debt reaches less than half that – at around $49,000 – which is paid off at least eight years earlier…..’


It is already cheaper with lower fees e.g. $AUD7000 p.a. for Australian students to study abroad at university through English for Study in EuropeStudy in Budapest Hungary and Study in Prague.



For more information about Study in Australia or Europe contact AIEC Australian International Education Centre Budapest.

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