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Sydney Film Festival with Nick Cave

From The Conversation:


Nick Cave’s 20,000 Days on Earth opens the Sydney Film Festival.  The Sydney Film Festival (SFF) opened last night, kicking off not only one of the landmark cultural events of the city, but a program that draws films from almost 50 countries throughout the world. As a film obsessive, it’s one of my highlights of the year.



Established in 1954, it’s one of the world’s oldest surviving festivals, and genuinely international in its scope. In the hands of Nashen Moodley, festival director, it’s a vibrant, eclectic mix of genre and art-house fare. I’m excited to see in this year’s program a retrospective on the American maverick director, Robert Altman; I’ve never seen McCabe and Mrs Miller on the big screen….

… This year Moodly has gone for something a little different, a little more experimental: a hybrid documentary/drama chronicling 20,000 days of life on the planet for Nick Cave, musician, poet, occasional Australian icon, occasional Australian iconoclast.

There are great films about musicians – Pennebaker’s Don’t Look Back (1967) springs to mind in its wonderfully strange portrait of a mercurial Bob Dylan; it’s greatness is in the revelation of Dylan’s inaccessibility.

20,000 Days on Earth shares something with Pennebaker’s vision. Cave is an artist chronicling “his time”: as a musician and cultural icon, as an Australian and ex-pat living in Brighton, UK.

Cave suggests more than once in the film that life is about memories; without a God, all you have is time. He fears the loss of memory, the loss of time to live, but also time to reflect.

20,000 Days on Earth is an ambitious, powerful film about trying to capture the experience of time – Cave’s time and ours – through the only mediums we have for its expression: memory and art.

It bodes well for this year’s Sydney Film Festival.  The Sydney Film Festival runs until June 15.


The Sydney Film Festival is an annual film festival held in the Australian city of Sydney and is held over 12 days in June.

The competitive film festival draws international and local attention, with films being showcased in several venues across the city centre and includes featuresdocumentariesshort films, retrospectives, films for families and animations.

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