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Study University Degree in Sydney Australia

Sydney is a great place to study at university, live and work. Our world-class universities, plus our relaxed lifestyle and wonderful climate, make NSW a destination of choice for students from around the world.


Our winning combination of quality teaching, groundbreaking research and career-oriented training has seen Sydney develop a strong reputation as one of the world’s foremost educational cities.


At our 11 NSW universities, students study courses including medicine, law, ICTengineeringsciencecommerce, humanities and the arts, at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.


Maintaining the highest standards


The NSW Government formed the Premier’s Council on International Education comprising representatives of the industry, both public and private, as well as students, to help maintain the highest standards of international education in our State.


A wide range of on-campus clubs and organisations offer all students the opportunity to pursue their cultural, social and entertainment interests.



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