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International Education and Immigration Population Politics

From The Times Higher Ed:

Take students out of immigration target, say prospective Tory . Eight out of 10 prospective Tory MPs.  MPs think the government should not target international students in the drive to reduce net migration…..

….. The survey found that 78 per cent of Conservative candidates think international students should be excluded from any target for reducing migration; and that 69 per cent think the UK should aim to recruit all legitimate international students, not just the brightest and best….

… Mr Hillman also identified “three practical things that could be done now” to address the situation on international students, the first being a pledge from all three political parties to take them out of migration targets.

The second was that politicians “should portray any necessary rules on international students as part of a wider strategy to strengthen protection for international students, rather than as further reasons for people to stay away”.

And the third was that “the Home Office should be obliged to share responsibility for student migration with other government departments, so that it becomes more than a numbers game – the Treasury and the Foreign Office know the issue is also about trade and the UK’s soft power and they should be at the table every time new rules are discussed”.’



An important question could be “why can’t politicians see the benefits of international education and are so paranoid about population, immigration and international students?”

It’s neither UKIP nor BNP but Population Matters and Migration Watch which have spent many years lobbying politicians, misinforming media and demonising ‘immigrants’, supposedly as concerned ‘environmentalists’.  This is no surprise as they are linked to the John Tanton anti – immigration and zero population network of ‘white nativists’ in the USA.

The statistical presentation tricks that are accepted at face value by politicians, advisors and media, become negative memes which are transmitted into the mainstream media to influence the electorate, classic wedge politics as used by ‘neo cons’ in the USA to split the electorate on issues.

As reported in The Pie News politicians and media fail (purposely?) to make a distinction between permanent and temporary residents caught up in the net overseas migration NOM data (12/16+ months in country) which is impacted mostly by international students and EU citizens using mobility rules, falsely described as ‘immigrants’.  This then leads to alarming sounding statistics and headlines demanding reduced immigration…. (presumably from non European countries).

At least in the U.K. this issue is highlighted, the international education sector in Australia don’t seem to understand the gravity of the population and immigration issue, and the innate bigotry it’s based upon.  The major John Tanton network players in Australia are Sustainable Population Australia (Dick Smith, Bob Carr, Mark O’Connor et al), Bob Birrell’s Centre for Population and Urban Research at Monash University (who informs most of the mainstream media on immigration etc.), Katherine Betts at Swinburne University, Victorian Labor MP Kelvin Thomson as part of his membership of Tanton’s Progressives for Immigration Reform in US) and another part of the ‘network’ is ALEC which includes conservative South Australian senator Cory Bernardi.


For more research and news about international education, immigration and population growth click through.

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