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Sport Fitness Recreation in Australia

Australian Sport. Sport is something of a national obsession in Australia. We’re avid followers of ‘footy’, which covers everything from rugby union to the uniquely Australian AFL. We play backyard and beach cricket all summer and turn out in our thousands to watch the iconic Boxing Day test at Melbourne’s MCG.


Summer is also the season we become amateur commentators at our Grand Slam tennis tournament. We have lush, championship-designed golf courses across the country and host many premier golf events. Our marathons attract hundreds of thousands of runners and rev-heads everywhere know about our car racing events such as the Formula 1 Australia Grand Prix.

History – Sport came to Australia in 1810 when the first athletics tournament was held; soon after cricket, horse racing and sailing clubs and competitions started. Australia’s lower classes would play sports on public holidays, with the upper classes playing more regularly on Saturdays. Sydney was the early hub of sport in the colony and now all of Australia which includes Cricket, Horse Racing, Football, Tennis, Golf, Cricket, Motor Racing, Swimming, Surfing, Sailing, Fishing, Walking, Boxing and more.

The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) is a statutory authority within the Australian Government’s Department of Health portfolio. It was established in 1985 and operates under the Australian Sports Commission Act 1989. The ASC is governed by a board of commissioners appointed by the Australian Government. The board determines the ASC’s overall direction, decides on actual allocation of resources and policy for delegated decisions, and is accountable to the Minister for Sport and to Parliament.


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