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Melbourne world’s most liveable city

From Meld Magazine for International Students in Melbourne:

5 reasons why Melbourne is the most liveable city in the world.

MELBOURNE has once again been crowned the most liveable city in the world by The Economist for the fourth year in a row. Marina Solomon gives us five reasons why we deserve the title and more.

Melbourne City Skyline Yarra River at Night

Melbourne at Night – Copyright Tourism Australia

Welcome to Melbourne, the friendliest and most liveable city in the world. For the fourth year in a row Melbourne has won the official title of Most Liveable City, as announced by The Economist. From coffee to street art, here are the top five reasons Melbourne is the place to be:

Culture.  Melbourne is Australia’s cultural capital, and for good reason. From multicultural cuisines to buskers filling the streets with music, chalk art and more, it’s not difficult to see that Melburnians are passionate about the arts, music and literature.

Fashion. Melbourne has impeccable style. Wherever you go, you’re guaranteed to find somebody dressed head to toe in an outfit you’ll envy.

Shopping. The love for fashion and the love for shopping often go hand in hand – that’s where Melbourne won’t disappoint.

Food and Drinks.  Have you ever roamed the laneways of Melbourne and wondered what that incredible smell is? That’s most likely a café serving specialty coffee and all day breakfast.

People.  Condé Nast Traveler just named Melbourne one of the friendliest cities in the world. Not only are we known as the friendliest city, but we are also famous for our wonderful sense of humour. So give yourself a pat on the back ladies and gentlemen, we’re officially funny and friendly’

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