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University degree vs technical trades training apprenticeship

From SBS Australia:

The truth about trades: Apprenticeships versus university degrees.  Far more young Australians believe a university degree provides more career options but apprenticeships are becoming increasingly popular – and experts say that’s a good thing.

It’s National Skills Week and across the country the question of what to do next is on the mind of thousands of Australian students.

Research showed far more young Australians believed a university degree provided more career options

But rising tuition fees and high levels of youth unemployment meant apprenticeships were becoming increasingly popular…

….. Research by not-for-profit organisation WorldSkills Australia showed many Australians were unaware of the educational and training options available to them.

Experts said there was a misguided view that these careers were less valuable or less skilled.

There was the equivalent of 170,000 more full-time students enrolled in university last year than in 2009, when the previous Labor government began lifting restrictions on places.

The Coalition has committed to continuing the policy.

But some business and education leaders have begun to question the dominance of the university degree….

…. Chief Executive Officer of Computershare, Stuart Irving, chose to get on-the-job training rather than go to university.

Assistant Education Minister Sussan Ley said the federal government wanted students to consider a skilled trade.

“Trades and training equips you for jobs all over the world,” she said.

“If you look at food, hospitality, theatre, events, photography and film, they are transportable skills, and for young people today it is not about an Australian job market, it is about a global job market.”

New figures released by the Department of Employment earlier this month showed job shortages were more likely to be for trades, than professions.

But experts hoped the tides may change toward learning a trade.’

There are several issues revolving round social mobility, perceived status, costs and outcomes.  What advice are young people receiving from parents and school?  Are too many looking for ‘white collar’ or administrative management employment for social status, even though much is being automated in the digital economy?  For both domestic and international students using a TAFE or VET pathway to university is more economic, and one can ‘get their hands dirty’, while many university graduates are unable to find employment easily in their chosen field….

For more information about apprenticeships, trades, TAFE technical, vocational education and training in Australia click through.

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