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International Education and Anti-Immigration White Nativism

Nowadays all foreigners, students, workers etc. are deemed to be a ‘problem’ in not just the Anglo world, but now Europe, thus impacting EU and related mobility, international education, student visas, immigration and human development, mostly through distortion and skewing headline data.

How did this happen?  Neo Malthusian zero population growth and anti-immigration white nativists have for some decades developed their ‘research’, academic credentials, lobbying of politicians and most importantly, accessing mainstream media as the ‘authority’ on all things immigration and population growth.

If the international education sector was half smart they would be highlighting the background of these groups, as happens often in the USA, and how they emerged after desegregation in the 1960s, when overt racism became unacceptable.

The following article extracts show the how seemingly unconnected events are actually related…. e.g. University News has a part owner who has clear white nativist sympathies (unknown to writers and personnel):

EU immigration ruling keeps foreign students away.  The fall-out from Swiss voters’ decision to limit European Union immigration is not just affecting businesses. Uncertainty over grants means up to a third fewer foreign students have registered at Swiss universities this semester, reports

Swiss agree to curb immigration and rethink EU deal.  Voters in Switzerland have narrowly approved a rightwing proposal to curb immigration. It imposes limits on the number of foreigners allowed in and may signal an end to the country’s free movement accord with the European Union… ..The move by the Swiss People’s Party – known for its anti-foreigner and anti-EU agenda – will see the reintroduction of quotas, as well as a national preference when filling job vacancies and restrictions of immigrants’ rights to social benefits.

Critically, it also stipulates that Switzerland will have to renegotiate its bilateral accord with the EU on the free movement of people within three years or revoke it. This in turn could threaten other bilateral agreements with the EU.

Ken Clarke warns UK’s Conservatives not to ‘obsess’ on immigration.  Ken Clarke, one of the “towering figures” of UK politics over the last forty years has warned his party, the Conservatives, not to become ‘hysterical’ over the issues of immigration and the UK’s membership of the European Union. If they do, he warns, they will lose popularity….

… Polls show that cutting immigration is popular with the British electorate. Mr Cameron came to power in 2010 promising to cut immigration into the UK from the then level of around 250,000 per year to ‘tens of thousands’ annually by the next election. Since then he has introduced numerous steps to try to reduce the total…. After some initial success, in reducing the net immigration total – the annual net total fell to 157,000 last September, the figure has been rising again and has now risen to about 210,000.

60 Universities and Colleges Banned From Taking International Students.  Sixty universities and private colleges have been banned from sponsoring any new international students to enrol and study following an unprecedented crackdown by the home office.

This month: Population control How can there possibly be too many of us?  (Frank Furedi) Since the beginning of time, one of the clearest markers of an enlightened society has been the moral status it attaches to human life. And outwardly, at least, twenty-first-century Western societies express an unprecedented degree of respect for human life….

… And yet, alongside the ethos of human rights and the development of heroic medicine, contemporary society appears estranged from its own humanity. To put it bluntly: it is difficult to celebrate human life in any meaningful way when people – or at least the growth of the number of people – are regarded as the source of the world’s problems….

.. Today, many green-leaning writers and activists argue that population control is the best solution to the problems we face. This belief that there are ‘too many people’ inhabiting the globe has reared its ugly head numerous times over the past 200 years. Since the times of Thomas Malthus (1766-1834), a catastrophic vision of population growth causing the collapse of society has formed an important part of the culturally pessimistic outlook… Where in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries Malthusians warned that population growth threatened people with starvation, today’s Malthusians denounce people for threatening the planet by consuming too much…

….Over the past two centuries, a bewildering array of problems has been blamed on population growth. At various times, famine, poverty, the failure of Third World economies, instability, revolution, the spread of communism and the subordinate position of women have been linked to population growth. The approach of the population growth lobby is devastatingly simple: they take a problem and argue that it would diminish in intensity if there were fewer people. Such simplistic methodology is even used to account for the emergence of new forms of terrorism today….

…Over the past two centuries, his followers have often tried to discourage people from the ‘wrong’ classes and the ‘wrong races’ from procreating – yet despite their prejudices they continued to affirm the special status of the human species (or at least certain sections of it). In some instances – for example, during the rise of the eugenic movement – rabid prejudice against so-called racial inferiors was combined with a belief in human progress.

The Relationship Between Immigration and Nativism in Europe and North America.  Must confront powerful anti-racist/pro-immigrant organizations e.g. John Tanton and the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) …. Concluding Remarks.  The most extreme reactions to migration come from the radical right, not the left.  Immigration as a political issue has contributed to the radical right’s political success although migration patterns have not been the the catalysts of radical-right voting.  Rising immigration does not necessarily lead to extremist incidents.  Mass attitudes have always been relatively negative toward immigration, but radical-right parties only tap into a small minority of the majority.  Cultural (and now, religious) themes are the impetuses of radical-right rhetoric.  Radical right parties are only one causal factor of tightened immigration in the West.


Mudde argues that political parties will “co-opt” nativist positions in order to appeal to voters with populist tendencies. Does this relationship between political parties and lobbying groups exist in the United States? Or do American political parties cultivate these beliefs themselves?

Mudde predicted that the recent global recession would most likely not produce massive populist movements in Europe. Did his prediction hold true? What light does this shed on the catalysts of nativism?


The fulcrum in this debate is ‘white nativist’ John Tanton (formerly a public associate of Paul Ehrlich of Zero Population Growth fame) and his anti-immigration network emanating from the USA but influencing the ‘debate’ elsewhere e.g. Population Matters and Migration Watch in the UK, Sustainable Population Australia and the Centre for Population and Urban Research at Monash University Melbourne.

Tanton is described by the Southern Poverty Legal Center SPLC as:

…the racist architect of the modern anti-immigrant movement. He created a network of organizations – the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) and NumbersUSA – that have profoundly shaped the immigration debate in the United States…. “Do we leave it to individuals to decide that they are the intelligent ones who should have more kids? And more troublesome, what about the less intelligent, who logically should have less? Who is going to break the bad news [to less intelligent individuals], and how will it be implemented?” – Sept. 18, 1996, letter to now-deceased California multimillionaire and eugenicist Robert K. Graham.

In addition to various front organisations, Tanton’s journal The Social Contract Press TSCP is an attempt at academic legitimacy:

The Social Contract Press (TSCP) routinely publishes race-baiting articles penned by white nationalists. The press is a program of U.S. Inc, the foundation created by John Tanton, the racist founder and principal ideologue of the modern nativist movement. TSCP puts an academic veneer of legitimacy over what are essentially racist arguments about the inferiority of today’s immigrants. Recent articles in its main product, The Social Contract, have propagated the myth that Latino activists want to occupy and ‘reclaim’ the American Southwest, argued that no Muslim immigrants should be allowed into the U.S., and claimed that multiculturalists are trying to replace “successful Euro-American culture” with “dysfunctional Third World cultures.”


Those working international education, politicians and most importantly media, should be aware and cautious of accepting at face value or as credible, ‘research’ and ‘reports’ from (often prolific) ‘experts’ whom have their own private or ‘thinly veiled’ agenda….

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