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UK urged to drop NOM Net Migration Targets

Series of article headlines from The FT on UK Immigration:


Immigration helps wages and employment, study finds.  Immigration leads to higher pay for native workers, while emigration causes lower wages for those left behind, according to a new study of migration in rich countries.

As immigrants are in general more educated than native workers, their influx is “likely to create more opportunities for the receiving economy”, wrote researchers in an article published in The Economic Journal, an academic publication…

….. It comes against a backdrop of mounting uneasiness with immigration from politicians across Europe, North America and Australia, who have lambasted the supposedly negative effect of mass immigration upon low-skilled workers.

Contrary to what politicians claim, however, “the main negative effect [of migration] . . . arises from the emigration of the highly skilled natives”, said Caglar Ozden, an economist at the World Bank and a co-author of the study…

…English speaking countries hoovered up the majority of university-educated workers, with the US, Canada, Australia and the UK accounting for roughly three-quarters of all graduate immigrants, according to Mr Ozden….’


‘Cooper to scrap net migration measurement.  The UK Labour party has admitted for the first time that it will scrap the Conservatives’ target to reduce net migration below 100,000 if it wins next year’s general election, in a move that risks alienating Britons concerned about increasing flows of migrants to the UK…

….. “We would not have a net migration target because choosing net migration to focus on is the wrong thing,” the shadow home secretary told delegates. “We think immediately what should happen is that students, international university students, should be taken out of the net migration target straight away.”’


Skilled migrant cap has damaging effect on UK recovery, says Cable.  Vince Cable, the Liberal Democrat business secretary, has called on his Conservative coalition colleagues to scrap their cap on skilled worker visas, after it emerged that business demand is on track to exceed the 20,700 a year limit for the first time since it was introduced three years ago.

Mr Cable has written to Theresa May, home secretary, warning that restrictions on workers from outside the EU are beginning to damage the recovery. “I believe the time has come to remove this barrier to British growth,” he wrote.’


Begs the question, why or how has the NOM net overseas migration target become so important in UK and Australia thus impacting immigration, youth mobility, international education etc. under the guise of sustainable population?

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