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International Student Recruitment Marketing Technology

International education articles about using technology to reach international students to inform recruitment and SEO search engine optimisation for course search:


From The Pie News Update and expand overseas recruitment urges WES.  Universities in the US are missing out on increasing overseas students by not taking a campus-wide approach to their recruitment strategies according to World Education Services (WES). The organisation has also suggested overhauling digital marketing campaigns that are some five years behind the user habits of target student groups.  Based on a survey of 4,800 international degree-seeking applicants, WES found that current students, alumni and faculty exert the most influence on Millennial (17-36 years old) students’ choice for overseas higher education.

“These are the groups of people which are completely under appreciated and under utilised in recruitment strategies,” commented Rahul Choudaha Chief Knowledge Officer & Senior Director of Strategic Development at WES.

“This is one of those wake up calls. We’ve developed recruitment strategies and there are these stakeholders which can really facilitate the process but we keep them outside.”



Recommendations from article Bridge the digital divide to recruit mobile students in University World News.  Based on the research, WES recommend three primary actions to effectively recruit international Millennials:

Adapt to students’ technology use. “Fifty-six percent of Millennials used a smartphone to search for and apply to US colleges or universities, suggesting mobile devices play a large role in their prospect-to-application journey,” says the report.

It recommends that institutions devise a digital strategy – for example, making websites more mobile-friendly for international enrolment management.

Embrace the power of network marketing. A collective university network exerts the biggest influence on Millennial students’ decision-making processes, followed by family, according to the report, and institutions need to bear this very much in mind when conveying their value proposition.

“First, admissions officers, faculty, current students and alumni comprise a cohesive university network; institutions need to form strategic relationships with these stakeholders and use them to interact with prospective students,” the report says.

“Second, families should be an integral part of outreach efforts. For example, institutions can invite students’ families to networking events and deliver e-newsletter to families, in addition to other measures.”

Tailor content to communicate the institution’s value proposition to students. Despite being digitally active, international Millennials are more likely to consume online content than produce it. “This highlights the importance of an institution’s role in generating relevant content to attract this audience.”

Further points that are important include using student feedback to inform both welfare, education quality and marketing, especially SEO for which multilingual student feedback can be used for digital content (in addition to Google Analytics).

The survey sees a role for ‘outbound’ recruitment officers etc., however this precludes the use or coordination of SEO or inbound marketing to attract candidates, and for organic business development in potential markets, based upon on campus feedback.

This is exemplified by focusing upon individuals, agencies, entities or influencers, which is fine, but ignoring the digital resources each possess that can be leveraged for SEO, and all year round visibility to the relevant candidates.

In summary, the candidates who have found you can be helpful, but what about all the prospective candidates who have not?

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