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International Education Digital SEO Marketing Europe Australia

International Education Australia and Europe Marketing SWOT 

Central Eastern Europe Turkey 

January 2015 AIEC Australian International Education Centre Budapest


  • Introduction of SVP for Advanced Diplomas for TAFE and RTOs.
  • Potential lower AUD and exchange rates (albeit with historically high fees and living costs).
  • Recognition of Australia and international marketing through community links, both international students and local communities.


  • Student visa restrictions and barriers due to ‘white nativist’ obsession about the NOM net overseas migration and ‘population growth’ (UK is mooting removal of international students from the NOM as British do not view them as ‘immigrants’).
  • No high level marketing, promotion and visibility being created to develop non core markets by state and national bodies using SEO vs expensive promotional events, or ‘digital campaigns’ and (mostly) English websites which do not become indexed or found in local search results.
  • How do your students find you? The empirical field for marketing and recruitment is now digital, but administrative systems and corporate management have not kept up with digital economy and marketing whereby all prospectives will have visited institution web page (vs. ‘event’) see related link ‘International Education Marketing Management‘.
  • Your institution can be found both direct when they know institution name e.g. via word of mouth, or organically through course and destination search or SEO marketing, when they don’t know you i.e. ‘course x + city/country’. The latter is becoming more important for both business development and marketing, but compromised when agents are not given back link, they will not reciprocate = invisible online in that market. which does not seem to bother international regional managers?
  • Digital or web market intelligence on prospective candidates is fragmented between enquiries/admissions, regional managers, digital or web team (often external!), agents and candidates themselves, precluding linked up strategy (+ taken offline vs accumulating resources).  Still compromised by unclear activity via travel to ‘one off’ events and ‘digital’ campaigns precluding the accumulation of marketing resources and intelligence.
  • Regional managers not having access to web analytics and rich market intelligence on traffic, geographic, language, referrers, key word or course search etc. collected by website, and international pages to inform marketing strategy, if part of their role.
  • Preference for 3rd party or external administrative systems for agent listings e.g. AscentOne, appears to split reciprocal links listing agents, thus precluding good SEO search engine optimisation or course search for specific geographic regions or language groups.


  • Other language marketing using students and stakeholders mother tongue to create authentic digital marketing content from on-campus, in their language for leveraging via website and social media to support SEO, all year round, with quantitative and qualitative analytics.
  • Leveraging organic or incidental events and news all year round for SEO e.g. Turkey 2015 is “Australian Year”, Russell Crowe Oz/Turkish co-production etc..
  • Institutions introducing and presenting directly to private universities, institutions and faculty etc. in region via formal post (vs waiting for potential visit approval, or not at all), e.g. participation with CEE and Turkey partners in EU research and funding frameworks.
  • Turkey and much of Eastern Europe are AL1/2 for higher education, while TAFE and private college degrees now cost competitive for EU students who consider the UK.


  • Cheaper and even free university courses for study in Europe with lower living costs, many with PR outcomes, while cost to study in Australia has effectively doubled in past 5 years, with risk of recession in 2015, and limited immigration outcomes.
  • Continuing negative ‘memes’ and dog whistling in Australia on international education, international students, visas, immigration, NOM or population growth and now accounting graduates.
  • SVP has not been a panacea, and AL3/4 still appear to be treated as AL3/4 and high risk of migration under the GTE… while all UK parties (ex UKIP) asking for removal of students from the NOM.

Compiled by AIEC Australian International Education Centre Budapest, address any digital SEO marketing in CEE Europe and Turkey enquiry to Andrew Smith.

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