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Asian Cup 2015 Marketing Brand Australia

Football journalist Craig Foster explains why the Asian Cup 2015 is great promotion of Australia in Asia and the world:

For the Socceroos and the Asian Cup, the best is yet to come.  Does anyone want to argue the Asian Cup has not been a magnificent experience for Australia and is not money well spent by the federal and state governments?

Fabulous promotion to Asian audiences, outstanding crowds with amazing diversity and an overwhelming feeling of friendship between people who are often mortal enemies in their home countries, a sense of excitement and joy at every match, and a brilliant tournament to boot.

The semi finals will be watched by hundreds of millions of people who will see the colour and passion of the fans and the freedom and openness of Australian life.

We can all be very proud of the tournament that has been presented, and kudos to FFA for the vision, governments for understanding the value, organisers for an outstanding job and the fans for turning out.

It’s been one hell of a party. And it’s only going to get better from an Aussie perspective.

So far, the Socceroos’ journey has been near flawless. More than this, it’s been thrilling, which is what we most hoped for.

Recently, I wrote in the midst of poor results and some rising angst that the results were of absolutely no consequence and that Ange Postecoglou should continue on the journey – a road trip so to speak – and would, hopefully, arrive at a beautiful place this month….

…Iraq’s triumph over Iran was an extraordinary contest, full of passion and controversy, but with extra time and penalties it will be very difficult for them to overcome a Korea Republic side with an additional day’s recovery. Nothing is, however, ever a given in football, as the Blue Samurai know too well.

UAE’s win over Japan on penalties showed why it is so important not to concede first in knockout games, as did Australia’s loss to Korea and, conversely, the win over China, where it was avoided.

Go ahead as a counter-attacking team and you hold all the aces. Go behind, and things can become very troublesome, as Japan found out to their detriment.

The draw is in Australia’s favour, as it should be, and with no apologies, given we have had suffered the opposite for so many decades. The team is rested, strong and growing together in understanding.

The tournament has captured imaginations right across the most populous region of the world. One of our main rivals is gone. And on Tuesday it’s all aboard for the next stage of the trip, destination ANZ Stadium, January 31.

It may not be Hawaii, but could well prove the destination of a lifetime.

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