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Study Low Fee Degree in Europe Budapest Hungary

How to study abroad for low fee university degree in Europe, article from The Telegraph:

University students can save ‘£13,400’ by spending a year abroad.  Comprehensive research suggests that British students who go on a foreign exchange pay significantly less than those who remain at home.

Undergraduates can shave their student debt by tens of thousands of pounds if they spend a year in a foreign university, extensive research suggests.  Analysis of tuition fees, accommodation, the cost of travel, living costs and language learning, by HSBC, shows that the cost of studying abroad is up to £13,404 cheaper than staying in the UK.

Poland’s Warsaw University is the cheapest location for British students, typically costing £4,119 for a year’s accommodation including fees, living expenses like food and clothing, three return flights to Britain and even an excursion to nearby Belarus (£76).

By contrast, the average student in Britain pays £17,523 for an academic year including tuition fees, rent, travel costs and basic living expenses.

Even the most expensive location to study abroad, Sydney University, is cheaper than remaining at home. British students pay £15,000 in total for their fees and living costs at the Australian university. The biggest expense is the cost of living (£5,569 excluding accommodation) followed by accommodation (£4,839) and three return flights to the UK (£3,045).

Fees loophole

A year overseas is significantly cheaper, in part, due to a fees loophole that means British students pay just 15pc of normal tuition fees (currently capped at £9,000) if they spend the whole academic year abroad.

All the below costs include this discounted fee of £1,350, which students pay to their university in Britain.  In addition, there are more maintenance grants and funding opportunities for students who spend a year overseas.  On top of the normal maintenance loan and grants, exchange students receive an “away rate” which varies according the country and student’s own circumstances.

Students can also apply for a Travel Grant through the student loans company to help with the cost of flights and health insurance.  Students planning a year abroad in an EU country are entitled to an Erasmus Grant from the British Council, usually around €225 (£169) per month.

This means that even British students who live with their parents can slash the cost of £9,000 fees by studying in Poland, Portugal, Turkey, Germany or Spain, for example.’

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