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Budapest Hungary Tourist and Student Information 2015

April 2015 Europe is mind-blowingly cheap right now. 13 Reasons You Need To Visit Budapest Hungary ASAP.  The euro is nearly equal to the dollar (for now), and flight prices are largely on the decline, too. Even many hotel costs are pointing downward, making this quite possibly the most budget-friendly time to visit Europe in years.

And of all the picturesque places to choose from, we’ve got a special eye on Budapest. This backpacker-friendly city is a top pick for more reasons than one. Allow us to explain…

  1. It’s one of the most historic cities on the planet.
  2. And the greatest sights to see are free.
  3. It’s a food capital, and for good reason.
  4. Hot springs make the city into a spa playground.
  5. Budapest is one of the cheapest spots in Europe right now.
  6. The Great Synagogue is mind-blowingly beautiful.
  7. There’s essentially a mall of food.
  8. Budapest is totally road trip-able.
  9. And you’ll stay in the REAL Grand Budapest Hotel.
  10. But if you want to be an expert in terror, you can do that too.
  11. And here, wine is an art form.
  12. A magical island oasis is just a bridge walk away.
  13. You’ll party in “ruins.”

For more information about Budapest Hungary for students, tourists and visitors click through.

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